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Twitter's Reputation for Chaos Is Costing It Employees

More than 450 employees, or 12% of the company's staff, have left Twitter in the last year, according to The Financial Times.
7 Cute Hairstyles for When You're Too Lazy to Wash It

Quick and easy styles that look better on unwashed hair
Neither Flo Nor The Gecko Can Make You Switch Car Insurance

The majority of U.S. drivers won't change their auto insurance for more than a decade. Considering it's never been easier to do so, they may be missing some savings.
The Makeup Tricks You Need for Brighter, Whiter Eyes

Make your eyes pop with these expert makeup tips
Time Warner Cable Rises on Verizon Partnership, T-Mobile Up Ahead of Earnings: Telecom Winners & Losers

Time Warner Cable jumps as its HBO strikes a deal with Verizon for distributing HBO NOW. T-Mobile climbs on reports it's poised to beat second-quarter estimates.
Silverstone's Brother Factors Into the Bergdahl Pot Story

Who knew Alicia Silverstone had a brother? She does, and he apparently runs a pot farmspecifically, one that was busted during a drug raid at which Bowe Bergdahl was present last week in California. David Silverstone, 43, was charged with felony marijuana cultivation and possession for sale, and thrown...
Katy Perry Jumps Into Swift-Minaj Tweet Turmoil

If the Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj drama wasn't enough for you, Katy Perry has now jumped into the fray. After Swift chastised Minaj about the latter's VMA nominations complaint , saying, "It's unlike you to pit women against each other," Perrywho has a long history of spats with Swift chimed in...
Why You Might Want to Look for Your Next Job Abroad?

An increasing number of Americans are starting to look abroad for economic opportunity, joining the likes of Greece and Italy on the world stage.
World's Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Every two years the World Economic Forum analyzes the performance of 141 destinations, ranking them for safety and security. Heres a look at the locations that fared best and worst.
How to Avoid Financial Disaster: 6 Best Books

There are books galore that claim to have the "secrets" of wise investing. Most don't deliver. Picks on our list explain value investing and give insight on avoiding fraud.
3 ways to refinance a HELOC

Your payments could go up drastically once your HELOC hits a certain age.
Survey: Are you saving for emergencies?

Wages are on the rise in America. Is any of that extra dough going into savings accounts?
Starbucks Tops Earnings Estimates

Coffee giant Starbucks(NASDAQ: SBUX) recently reported third quarter earnings that beat analyst estimates on both the top and bottom lines. Revenue rose 18% annually to $4.88 billion, topping the consensus estimate of $4.86 billion. Non-GAAP earnings per share rose 24% to $0.42 per share, beating estimates by a penny.
What You Learn at University Investment Clubs

University investment clubs are where Wall Street and the classroom intersect.
35 Cosby Accusers Sit for Striking Cover Photo

A powerful New York magazine cover story brings together 35 of the 46 women who have publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them. The womenwho appear on the cover and in a photo essay insidedescribe how they were drugged and abused by a man many of them...
Pandora Raises Forecast on Increased Ad Revenue

It appears the debut of Apple Music did not derail Pandora Media(NYSE: P). The streaming service had a strong second quarter, reporting total revenue of $285.6 million, a 30% year-over-year increase. That included strong gains in both advertising and subscriptions.
Guy Swipes $150K That ATM Workers Left on Curb

The cash might have been sitting right there for the taking, but cops are now looking for the man who yesterday swiped a bag filled with $150,000 from a curb in Mahwah, NJ, the AP reports. Police don't know who took the money yet, but they do know who...
4 Ways to Get Awesome Arms

Our top trainer Tracy Anderson reveals her secret recipe for strength and definition.
Video: Home equity rates for March 26, 2015

Home equity rates were mixed this week.
Can HELOC save couple from debt time bomb?

Facing rising debt payments soon? Here are some options to explore for winning the battle.
My \"Fun\" C-Section: Part 1

Now that I'm on the other side of my caesarean section, I see why my doctors were so reassuring about planning this surgery. It was fun (well, almost).
10 midyear tax moves to make now

Summer's a great time to consider the tax moves you'll be able to take next year.
5 Reasons You're Tired All The Time

Ditch these bad habits that zap your energy
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Rhino Species Down to Final 4
The species was down to its last six members last fall. Then there were five . Now, with the death of an elderly northern white rhino in a Czech zoo, there are just four of the animals left in a species already past the point of no return. Nadire, a 31-year-old... More >
Latest News
Congressman Makes Rare Move to Try to Oust Boehner
A House conservative who isn't exactly a household name made a surprise move today to try to oust John Boehner as speaker. The long-shot "vacate the chair" resolution comes from North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows, and the Washington Post reports that it's been tried only once before—105 years ago—... More >
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