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Sat Mar 24 00:27:58 EDT 2018

Love, Simon is quickly making its way across celebrity hometowns.

The coming-of-age love story about a teenage boy who gains the courage to come out as gay has been making fans of stars like Kristen Bell and Neil Patrick Harris.

On Friday, the two actors encouraged moviegoers to see the film, starring Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel, for free this weekend.

Harris, 44, bought out a theater in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“So my husband David (@dbelicious) and I enjoyed @lovesimonmovie so much, we wanted to pay it forward. Others are doing this, and I’m so on board,” Harris wrote on Instagram. “So we bought out a screening at a theatre in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM for this Sunday afternoon. It’s free, and a great chance to see this wonderful film. Hope you can make it! Swipe left for details.”

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Hours earlier, the actor shared the impact that the film had on him and his husband.

“I saw the movie Love, Simon last night and was utterly enchanted, moved to tears, and deeply proud of everyone who helped create it,” he wrote. “How I wish something this brave, powerful, and confident existed when I was struggling with my identity – but how super awesome that a new generation will get to lead by this example.”

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He added, “In being so simple, straightforward, and kind, @gberlanti has created something courageous, empowering and important. I encourage everyone to see this wonderful film. @lovesimonmovie.”

Bell, 37, also bought out a theater in Minneapolis, writing on Instagram, “Love, Simon is a KNOCKOUT. There are so many important stories that don’t get made. I am so grateful this one did. I had absolutely nothing to do with the making of this movie—I just have a huge crush on it and I’d like to share the love. Minneapolis, please enjoy a screening of Love, Simon this Sunday on me. 🙂 Enjoy!”

The film’s director, Greg Berlanti, along with YouTube star Joey Graceffa also bought out movie theaters in their hometowns to encourage audiences to see the film.

On Thursday, actor Matt Bomer revealed he and his husband, Simon Halls, bought out the movie theater for locals of his Texas hometown to watch the film. “This is an important movie, and a really good one. I know you’ll love it so come watch for free this Sunday!” said Bomer, 40, who offered free movie tickets to anyone who was available to see it.

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Garner and Duhamel play parents to high school student Simon, played by Nick Robinson, who struggles to tell his loved ones he’s gay. The film is based on Becky Albertalli’s book Simon vs. the Homo sapiens Agenda.

The actors recently sat down with PEOPLE to talk about the emotional weight of the film and the impact it’ll leave on moviegoers.

“I hope that it’s inclusive, first and foremost,” Robinson, 22, said. “That people feel respected, represented as much as they can and that it is a fun way to spend a couple of hours.”

“We want to be entertaining. We want anyone who sees it to have a good time, and they should,” Garner, 45, said. “I think it’s a really fun comedy that anyone should connect to.”

“So many times these movies are heavy-handed in some way or preachy, I never felt that from this,” said Duhamel, 45. “I think that that’s really why it works. I think that if there’s a message, it’s that it’s not that big of a deal if you’re lesbian, gay, straight, trans, whatever, you’re still a human being. We don’t have to make a huge deal of it. What I love about this movie is it’s not heavy-handed, it’s light and at the end of the day we’re just human beings, trying to exist.”

Sat Mar 24 00:25:20 EDT 2018

The end of the work week means it’s time for another #FitnessFriday with Halle Berry!

The actress, 51, shared a new fit-spirational message using a photo that would surely inspire fans and followers to participate in a bit of yoga meditation. “Thanks to all of you, I got super inspired and challenged myself to a head stand!” Berry captioned the picture of her only wearing a pair of bottoms as she balanced on her noggin.

“Let’s talk not just about yoga poses, but also about the meditative aspects of yoga. Many argue that some of the happiest people are those who spend time each day meditating. I can tell you that I’ve felt happier and more like my best self since I started,” the Oscar winner shared.

And she also revealed the other benefits of being a yogi.

“I’ve learned that meditation helps to balance your left brain and right brain, and as a result I feel more creative, I can absorb information faster and I experience better emotional health,” Berry said.

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“#Meditation also helps me stay in touch with my ‘little me’, that little girl who keeps me curious and open to the newness of each day and every new experience that comes my way.”

Concluding, “Meditation keeps me connected to God, Mother Earth, a higher power or whatever you prefer, and reminds me that while we are all on a solo journey, we are never alone!”

In case you’re wondering, last week’s #FitnessFriday covered all things upper body as she showed off her “Spiritual Gangster” bra top.

“Let’s talk about the chest, LADIES! For me, working out my chest muscles have been key to keeping the ta ta’s right. It’s been important to work my chest muscles in a gentle way because the goal is never to get too muscular, but to stay feminine and long,” said Berry, who often works out with her favorite trainer, Peter Lee Thomas.

Fri Mar 23 23:45:13 EDT 2018

Jennifer Aniston is moving on with her life apart from Justin Theroux.

“Since her split from Justin, Jen is doing fine,” a source tells PEOPLE.

The duo, who announced their separation in February, has “had some contact” after the breakup but “won’t get back together,” adds the source.

“Justin has moved on with his life in N.Y.C.,” while “Jen still enjoys hers in L.A.,” the source continues.

Ultimately, Aniston’s “life now is not very different” than it was before the breakup, the source says. “She loves socializing with friends.”

Earlier this month, the actress, 49, headed out for Molly McNearney‘s 40th birthday party, where she posed with her pals — including the birthday girl, Tobey Maguire‘s estranged wife Jen Meyer, Jason Bateman‘s wife Amanda Aanka and her manager Aleen Keshishian — in a photo booth.

“Her friends always invite her out and to parties,” the source says. “Jen has a very caring group of friends that take care of her.”

Meanwhile, Theroux, 46, was in Paris recently for Fashion Week during which he attended the Louis Vuitton womenswear show and spent time reenacting a Bachelor rose ceremony with longtime friend Carlos Quirarte.

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On Feb. 15, Aniston and Theroux announced that they had split after two and a half years of marriage and seven years as a couple.

“In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our separation,” the former couple said in a joint statement. “This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship.”

Even before publicly announcing her breakup, Aniston had been leaning on her closest girlfriends for support. The Friends star spent her 49th birthday on Feb. 11 at former costar Courteney Cox’s house, a source previously told PEOPLE.

“She has a huge group of girlfriends who make sure she isn’t alone,” an insider said at the time. “Jen truly has the best friends. They are real friends that she has had for many years. They always support each other.”