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Wed Sep 26 11:29:12 EDT 2018

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown has entered rehab for alcohol abuse for the second time.

“I struggle with substance abuse, and after a year of ups and downs, I decided to return to treatment,” the eldest Brown son tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue, on stands Friday. “I’m really grateful for everyone’s support and hope to have my life back on track soon.”

The Discovery reality star, 36, first entered rehab in the spring of 2016.

“I could see myself spiraling,” Brown told PEOPLE after his first rehab stint, acknowledging that he had been spending more and more time drinking over the previous year. “I was more withdrawn. I was slower. Things didn’t excite me the way they used to.”

The Brown family has weathered mom Ami’s advanced lung cancer battle and multiple relocations over the past two years before settling in rural Washington state earlier this year. And now, they’re feeling Matt’s absence.

“It’s hard not having one of my babies here with us,” says mom Ami, who has been diagnosed as cancer-free but has been told she should undergo tests every three months for the rest of her life. “He was so strong for me, and I want to be strong for him.”

For more on Matt Brown, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday

“We miss him terribly, but we’d rather lose him from home for a little while than lose him forever,” dad Billy adds. “We just want him to do what he needs to do to get better.”

Alaskan Bush People airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Wed Sep 26 11:29:02 EDT 2018

Dakota Johnson isn’t saying much, but she does want to make sure people know she’s happy with boyfriend Chris Martin.

The actress, 28, and the Coldplay frontman, 41, have been quietly dating for almost a year without ever confirming their relationship. But in the latest cover story for Tatler, Johnson speaks — very briefly — for the first time about her musician love.

“I’m not going to talk about it, but I am very happy,” Johnson says in the cover story, according to E! News.

The two were first spotted out together almost a year ago in October 2017 and have been seen having quiet date nights around L.A. and Malibu ever since.

The notoriously private couple have been showing more PDA lately. This summer they were spotted cuddling up to one another during a Radiohead concert and holding hands during a Malibu stroll.

WATCH: Dakota Johnson & Chris Martin ‘Didn’t Leave Each Other’s Side’ During Fashionable Date Night

Johnson and Martin also cemented their relationship with brand-new matching infinity symbol tattoos, debuting their new ink just a day apart from one another.

The Fifty Shades Freed actress showed hers off at the Venice Film Festival, where she’s promoting her new film Suspiria. Johnson arrived for a day of promotion on a chic river boat wearing a strapless white lace Dior dress that gave a clear of her new infinity tattoo above her left elbow.

Meanwhile, Martin, was spotted in L.A. one day prior with his new ink — located on his inner right arm — at a party for the clothing brand Outerknown.

What makes the stars’ new tatts even more noticeably coordinating is the fact that they both have double “XX” markings inside the infinity symbol.

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A source told PEOPLE back in June that the couple was taking their relationship to the next level.

“For the past two weeks, they have spent a lot of time together,” the source said. “Chris lives in Malibu and Dakota seems to love hanging out there. They occasionally go for dinner with friends, but mostly have friends over at home. They go to the beach together, and walks around the neighborhood. They seem to enjoy sharing a quiet life. It does seem they are getting more serious.”

Martin was previously married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow for 10 years before splitting in 2014 and was linked to actress Annabelle Wallis in 2015. Dakota previously had an off-on relationship with model/rocker Matthew Hitt.

Wed Sep 26 11:22:52 EDT 2018

A mom of two who was shot 12 times during a bank rampage earlier this month is speaking out about her near-death experience.

In an interview with Good Morning America, which aired on Wednesday, Whitney Austin said she was shot and fell walking through the building door for a meeting on Sept. 6 at the Fifth Third Bank in downtown Cincinnati. According to GMA, seconds before, 29-year-old Omar Perez had begun firing a handgun in the lobby.

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“It felt like a burning sensation,” Austin recalled to the outlet. “I immediately started to cough up blood and that’s when my brain immediately went toward, ‘I’m dying.’ ”

She continued, “I immediately thought, ‘I want to say goodbye to my family’ … I assumed saw me move, and he shot me several more times.”

Even after being hit by 12 bullets, Austin consciously decided to play dead and eventually got the attention of a police officer responding to the scene, according to Good Morning America. “I’m shouting at him, ‘I have a 5- and a 7-year-old who need their mother. You need to save me. Come get me,’ ” she shared. “At that point, they were tracking him, they then shoot him down.”

Austin spent five days in a hospital being treated for her injuries. Three other victims and the shooter were killed.

“Thousands of things went right in order for me to live — not only to live but to come out of this emotionally strong,” Austin told Good Morning America. “For those three, thousands of things went wrong. How is that fair? How does that happen? Why me and not them? I just can’t reconcile it. I try not to spend any energy on it because I’ll never have those answers.”

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The Louisville, Kentucky, native — who had been traveling for her job as a senior product manager at Fifth Third — has since started a nonprofit, Whitney Strong, dedicated to reducing gun violence.

“This is about making sure that our kids can go to school and they don’t have to participate in active shooter drills on a monthly basis,” she explained to Good Morning America. “This is so people like me can walk into their place of employment and not get shot 12 times.”

Officers responded to a call for the shooting at 9:10 a.m. local time on Thursday, Sept. 6 at Fifth Third Bank at 511 Walnut Street and exchanged gunfire with the suspect.

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Cincinnati mayor John Cranley said at a press conference that the targets of the shooting appeared to be random and that “it didn’t appear to be a dispute between people.”

Cranley described the shooting as “a multiple shooting of innocent victims,” saying it was “horrific. Grotesque.”

The mayor also praised the quick response by police, saying officers did “a heroic job… He was actively shooting innocent victims and our officers were able to kill him and stop the threat very quickly,” he said, adding police saved “God knows how many lives.”