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Sun Oct 22 22:42:10 EDT 2017


Kourtney Kardashian has a lot on her plate.

The mother of three was at the center of Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which focused on her attempts to rebuild her relationship with her sister Kendall Jenner — and find new ways to cope with her ex Scott Disick‘s behavior.

Kourtney makes an effort to bond with Kendall

Kourtney, 38, reflected on the times when Kendall, 21, was her “favorite sister” and admitted that things had changed:

“I think because she travels so much and I have three kids, we just really don’t spend time together,” she explained. “I just think that we’ve kind of lost that. I don’t like that her and I are not close.”

Later, Kourtney confided in sister Khloé Kardashian, telling her that she feels like Kendall “hates” her. Khloé, 33, explained that since Kendall is younger, “you have to come to her a little more, which is fine,” and Kourtney decided that the two “just need to do something fun together” to get their connection back.

After inviting Kendall to take a road trip to Santa Barbara, Kourtney made sure that Khloé could join them to ease some of the awkwardness.

“I totally don’t mind going to Santa Barbara with you, but you can’t use me as your crutch,” Khloé warned. “This is more in your head … so if I go, you have to still be outgoing and try to bond with her.”

The three ended up having a great trip, with Khloé even dipping out to allow the other two some one-on-one time. (“They have to get to the root of the problem and figure out why are they so awkward around one another,” Khloé insisted.)

“I feel like I always think you hate me,” Kourtney told Kendall. “I never talk to you when you’re gone.”

“It takes two to tango,” Kendall said. “You come to the city and don’t call me to come hang out.”

Both agreed to put in more of an effort and decided that the road trip had been a huge help.

“I think Kourt and I have an amazing relationship, except when she doesn’t want to hang out with me,” said Kendall with a laugh. “We have awkward moments together, but I think it’s because we love each other too much.”

Kim gives Khloé a makeover

Kim, 36, confided in Kourtney that she “always cringes” when she sees some of Khloé’s outfits.

“It’s like, so many things going on,” said Kim. “She could dress way cooler. … If I’ve already learned all the tricks of the trade, there’s no reason that I shouldn’t help her.”

Later, Kim brought up her “proposition” to her sister.

“I think I can make your life so much easier and so much cooler if I gave you a makeover,” she said. “It’s time to just step it up. The things I could do to give you a makeover … not that you need one.”

“Who do you want me to be? What sister are you trying to morph me into?” Khloé said with a sigh. “Kendall is a gazelle. You and Kylie are like, the sex pots of the world. I don’t dress like that either.”

Khloé begrudgingly agreed to let Kim help her, but before they had the chance to discuss it further, Kim took matters into her own hands and switched out Khloé’s entire suitcase for her trip to Santa Barbara with a different suitcase, packed with carefully curated “very Kim-esque” outfits hand-picked by Kim herself.

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“I think I can just help Khloé have more simple style,” Kim told Kourtney. “Because her body is like, the accessory. … She’s like me. I’m so curvy that if I try to put other things on, I look like a joke.”

Upon discovering the switcheroo, Khloé took it like a champ: “I don’t know if I’m necessarily annoyed that Jonathan and Kim did this, but I’m super surprised,” she said. “She’s so sneaky!”

After most of the outfits ended up working out, Khloé decided to allow her sister to style her full-time — but it was too little, too late.

“I love you, but it’s super overwhelming,” Kim said. “It’s just too much going on. I don’t have time. Those days are over.”

Kourtney gives Scott some “tough love”

From the get-go, Kourtney spent much of the trip to Santa Barbara engrossed in her phone. When Kendall asked about a girl that Scott, 34, had been photographed with, Kourtney said she had bigger issues to worry about.

“I don’t know who she is, but she’s not really concerning to me,” she said. “I’m really just concerned with his health. I keep hearing that he’s out of control, people have me he’s not going to make it for his birthday if he continues like this.”

“He needs to help himself,” she added. “I think people don’t bother me with any information about Scott unless it’s to the point where they really think that I need to know. It’s kind of like the same scenario, once again. I feel helpless because I don’t always know what to do because it’s been so many years of trying. It’s just stressful because he is my kids’ father.”

“I want him to be happy and healthy,” she told Khloé. “But I don’t think I need to sacrifice my own happiness.”

Admitting that she generally tends to give Scott, who has struggled with alcohol abuse, more attention when he’s spiraling, Kourtney said she had to “break the cycle of always being there .”

“I need to change it up and see if that makes any difference,” she said.

“I think a lot of it he does to get attention from you,” Khloé said. “This cycle is is not beneficial to anybody. … It affects you and your kids.”

“I don’t want the kids to see him like this,” said Kourtney of their three children: Mason, 7, Penelope, 5, and Reign, 2. “We’ve been in the same pattern for 10 years plus — if there was something I could do to help Scott help his situation or help his addiction, I would do it in a heartbeat. But I’ve learned it’s out of my control.”

Kim decided to stop by Scott’s house in Los Angeles to make sure he was doing all right so that Kourtney could enjoy the rest of the trip.

“It sucks because she’s going to always be involved with him,” said Kim during a confessional. “She can’t just like, move on, when she should. They’re broken up. She can’t be dealing with this forever.”

“She should enjoy this time and I think she will regret it if she doesn’t,” Khloé agreed.

Kim told Scott that they always want to be there to support him, but Kourtney had been getting bombarded with panicked phone calls.

“People call her for anything and everything,” Disick said. “Some of it is realistically true. … I have times where I am out of control. But you can tell Kourtney to have a good weekend and rest assured I’m fine.”

Kim later called up Kourtney and urged her to enjoy the rest of the road trip.

“It’s all good,” she said. “I would just tell everyone to stop calling you … it’s not your problem anymore. You have to enjoy a bonding trip with your sisters in Santa Barbara. It’s for one or two nights. He needs to chill.”

“I think Kim’s right about Scott,” Kourtney said. “I feel like I need to let go and have fun.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

Sun Oct 22 21:05:09 EDT 2017

After film director Joseph Kosinski gave Dierks Bentley a sneak peek at Only the Brave, the singer knew he somehow had to be a part of the new movie, which tells the gripping true story of the 19 elite firefighters who died battling an Arizona wildfire four years ago.

“I told him I’d come to the red carpet just to open doors up,” Bentley, 42, recalls to PEOPLE.

But Kosinski had much bigger ideas than doorman duties. He wanted Bentley to collaborate on a song that would accompany a wrenching moment in the film: during the credits when photos of the cast members are paired with images of the deceased firefighters they portrayed.

Bentley leaped at the opportunity, not only co-writing the song, “Hold the Light,” but providing its yearning vocals.

Surely Kosinski knew the artist would be a shoo-in, considering Bentley had organized a benefit concert in Prescott Valley, Arizona – the firefighters’ home base – just three weeks after the 2013 tragedy. An Arizona native, Bentley teamed with Randy Houser, David Nail and The Band Perry to raise more than $475,000 for the families of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. During his time in Prescott Valley, Bentley also became friends with Brendan McDonough, the lone survivor of the team.

The song, as Bentley describes it, is actually a message from the deceased to the living, “the idea that in times of darkness, you need to hold the hope, hold onto the light and to use that to get you through.”

When the singer-songwriter was brought into the project, the song was already in draft form, thanks to co-writers Joe Trapanese and Sean Carey (who’s also a band member of Bon Iver).

“As a songwriter,” Bentley explained at a special screening in Nashville on Oct. 12, “some days you walk in and you have the idea, and you have the melody, and you kind of drive the whole process. And some days you walk in and one of your co-writers has everything teed up for you, and that’s what happened for me in this movie.”

But Bentley was still encouraged to make the song his own, and with the assistance of co-writer Jon Randall, the artist added a bridge “and lifted it up a little bit.”

Perhaps Bentley’s most meaningful contribution was his addition of lyrics that reflect the actual words of Eric Marsh, the Hotshots’ supervisor. “He’d say, ‘See you on this side or the other, brother,’” Bentley tells PEOPLE.

The words struck home for Brendan McDonough when Bentley eventually shared the song with the lone survivor. “He heard the song,” Bentley recalls, “and said, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s what my supe used to always say to me.’”

In anticipation of the movie’s general release on Friday, Bentley had been making appearances at premieres and screening events around the country, doing whatever he can to “shed a light on the 19 guys and their families and their story – but it’s just beyond to wilderness firefighters, in general. … Between this movie coming out right now and events that just happened in Las Vegas, it’s like, wow, who are these guys that run toward danger? …What kind of person processes danger that way? … It’s a great group of Americans that we need now more than ever.”

Sun Oct 22 20:32:46 EDT 2017

Celebrity chef John Besh‘s Besh Restaurant Group — which includes 12 acclaimed eateries — has been accused of fostering sexual harassment, according to a new report.

During an eight-month investigation, 25 current and former Besh Group employees revealed to | The Times-Picayune that they were victims of sexual harassment while working at BRG or the organization’s restaurants. According to the outlet, many women — nine of whom spoke on the record — described the company as an environment where “several male co-workers and bosses touched female employees without consent, made suggestive comments about their appearance and — in a few cases — tried to leverage positions of authority for sex.”

The allegations follow two separate complaints filed against the Besh Group with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission since December. In one, a former employee accused the chef — who co-owns BRG with Octavio Mantilla — of coercing her “to submit to his sexual overtures” during what is described as a “months-long sexual realtionship.”

Additionally, the woman, who was unnamed by | Times-Picayune, said that she faced “retaliation” by some BRG employees when she attempted to end her relationship with Besh, who is married.

The American chef and TV personality addressed the accusations in a statement provided to PEOPLE, saying, “Two years ago, I deeply hurt those I love by thoughtlessly engaging in a consensual relationship with one member of my team. Since then I have been seeking to rebuild my marriage and come to terms with my reckless actions given the profound love I have for my wife, my boys and my Catholic faith.”

“I also regret any harm this may have caused to my second family at the restaurant group, and sincerely apologize to anyone past and present who has worked for me who found my behavior as unacceptable as I do,” said Besh.

Besh, 49, added, “I alone am entirely responsible for my moral failings. This is not the way the head of a company like ours should have acted, let alone a husband and father. But it should not taint our incredible team of more than 1,000 employees, nor undermine our unyielding commitment to treating everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of gender, race, age and sexual preference.”

Raymond Landry, General Counsel of the Besh Restaurant Group, addressed the allegations against BRG in a separate statement given to PEOPLE, saying, “We have learned recently that a number of women in our company feel that we have not had a clear mechanism in place to allow them to voice concerns about receiving the respect they deserve on the job.”

“I want to assure all of our employees that if even a single person feels this way, it is one person too many and that ends now,” Landry continued. “While we’ve had a complaint procedure in place that complies with all existing laws, we now recognize that, as a practical matter, we needed to do more than what the law requires and we have revamped our training, education and procedures accordingly.”

“Now that we have learned of these concerns, we believe going forward that everyone at our company will be fully aware of the clear procedures that are now in place to safeguard against anyone feeling that his or her concerns will not be heard and addressed free from retaliation.”

Besh, who is known for incorporating his southern Louisiana heritage in his food, has several restaurants in and around New Orleans and has appeared in shows such as Top Chef and Iron Chef America.

The accusations brought against Besh follow Harvey Weinstein’s ongoing sexual harassment scandal.

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Weinstein, 65, was fired from his powerhouse film studio, The Weinstein Company,after eight women — including actress Ashley Judd — spoke out against him in New York Times report published earlier this month, accusing him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. The paper also reported that Weinstein reached private settlements with eight additional women, including actress Rose McGowan, who later accused him of rape on Twitter. Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and several other women also added their own accounts of alleged mistreatment, and more than two dozen women have now come forward.

Following the initial Times report about the allegations, Weinstein said in a statement that he was working with therapists and planned to “deal with this issue head-on.” He has also left Los Angeles and checked into a luxury resort in Arizona.

A spokesperson for Weinstein previously told PEOPLE in a statement that “any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein.”