Visa, Mastercard shun Facebook's Libra digital currency plan
NEW YORK (AP) — Visa and Mastercard on Friday announced their departure from Facebook's Libra project, a major setback to the social network's plan for a worldwide digital currency.
WeWork to close its New York elementary school next year
NEW YORK (AP) — WeWork will close the school it opened last year in New York with the lofty goal of promoting "conscious entrepreneurship" as the office-sharing company retrenches following its botched attempt to sell its stock on Wall Street.
Big Tech is now a big punching bag for politicians
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Republicans and Democrats don't agree on health care, immigration or taxing the rich. But one subject draws critics from both parties: Big Tech.
Study links Russian tweets to release of hacked emails
WASHINGTON (AP) — Russia's interference in the 2016 U.S. election has generally been seen as two separate, unrelated tracks: hacking Democratic emails and sending provocative tweets.
Hospitals resume accepting patients after malware attack
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama hospital chain that quit accepting new patients after a malware attack crippled computer systems said it has resumed normal operations after paying a ransom demand.
Arrested Japanese stalker used pupil image reflections
TOKYO (AP) — A man arrested on suspicion of stalking a female pop idol used the reflections of her pupils in photos she shared on social media and Google Street View to find where she lived.
NASA launches satellite to explore where air meets space
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA launched a satellite on Thursday night to explore the mysterious, dynamic region where air meets space.
California outlines ways to comply with upcoming privacy law
Companies must notify California residents of their data privacy rights in plain language and must verify people's identities before releasing data, state officials proposed Thursday.
Apple has a lot to lose if it crosses China's party bosses
HONG KONG (AP) — Under pressure from China, Apple has removed a smartphone app that enabled Hong Kong protesters to track police.
You're gonna need a bigger boat? UMaine has printer for that
The world's largest 3D printer has created the world's largest 3D-printed boat. And the University of Maine demonstrated Thursday that it's seaworthy.
AP Explains: Streaming of German synagogue attack on Twitch
SEATTLE (AP) — The attacker who killed two people in a shooting at a German synagogue livestreamed the assault on Twitch, a video service owned by Amazon.
Climate change activist climbs on plane, others stop traffic
LONDON (AP) — Protesters in New York City brought traffic to a standstill in the city's busiest hub and an activist in London climbed atop a plane as climate change demonstrators entered the fourth day of rallies around the world.
Public to get access to Nuremberg trials digital recordings
PARIS (AP) — Audio recordings from the Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders will be made available to the public for the first time in digital form after nearly two years of work conducted in secret.
California power outage: What happens when the lights go out
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses went out early Wednesday, affecting millions of people in California.
Nobel prize honors breakthroughs on lithium-ion batteries
STOCKHOLM (AP) — If you're reading this on a cellphone or laptop computer, you might thank the three winners of this year's Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work on lithium-ion batteries.
AP Explains: Meet Twitch, Amazon's live-streaming video site
SEATTLE (AP) — The attacker who killed two people in a shooting at a German synagogue live-streamed the assault on Twitch, a video service owned by Amazon.
US nuclear, uranium mining industries hope for Trump bailout
WASHINGTON (AP) — A plea from uranium mining companies and nuclear power plant operators for tax breaks and other federal financial boosts is going before President Donald Trump, as his administration studies reviving the U.S.
Facebook CEO to appear before Congress on currency plan
WASHINGTON (AP) — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will appear before Congress this month as the tech giant is under pressure from lawmakers and regulators over its massive market power and record of privacy breaches.
EU warns hostile countries are 5G risk, avoids naming names
LONDON (AP) — The European Union warned Wednesday that next-generation telecommunication networks face a range of cyber threats, including from hostile countries.
EU police: Cybercrime threats now focus on profits, data
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Cybercriminals are using new technology and exploiting existing online vulnerabilities as they shift their focus to larger and more profitable targets, the European Union's police agency said in a report published Wednesday.
French finance minister: Libra should not be developed in EU
BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union should not allow Facebook to develop its digital currency project, known as Libra, on "European territory" because it threatens the monetary sovereignty of member states, France's finance minister Bruno Le Maire said Wednesday.
China criticizes Apple for app that tracks Hong Kong police
BEIJING (AP) — Apple became the latest company targeted for Chinese pressure over protests in Hong Kong when the ruling Communist Party's main newspaper criticized the tech giant Wednesday for a smartphone app that allows activists to report police movements.
Twitter says it mistakenly used phone numbers for ads
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Twitter says it mistakenly used the phone numbers and email addresses people provided for security purposes to show advertisements to its users.
Tough times for chipmakers as Samsung warns of profit drop
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung provided the latest sign of the tough times afflicting computer chipmakers as it braced investors for a sharp drop in profit.
EU's top regulator for Big Tech looks to use stronger action
BRUSSELS (AP) — The EU's powerful antitrust chief said Tuesday she's weighing up stronger measures to curb anticompetitive behavior because huge fines that she has levied on tech multinationals aren't working.