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The Jesus Freak

Four friends and a youth Pastor set out on a cross country trip to Las Vegas to win souls for Jesus. Kristen is the most vocal of all. Kristen is cute, sweet and considered "the Jesus Freak" of the bunch. She quotes the most scriptures, and prays the most prayers. She is honest, loyal and faithful to abstain from sex until marriage. Kristen and her friends are tempted and tested once they arrive in Las Vegas.

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Top Box Office - Weekend ending: 07/14/17

1 War for the Planet of the Apes $56.2 M  
2 Spider-Man: Homecoming $44.2 M  
3 Despicable Me 3 $19.3 M  
4 Baby Driver $8.7 M  
5 The Big Sick $7.5 M  
6 Wonder Woman $6.8 M  
7 Wish Upon $5.4 M  
8 Cars 3 $3.1 M  
9 Transformers: The Last Knight $2.8 M  
10 The House $1.7 M  

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